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  • Species Spotlight: Macaws

    Colorful plumage and impressive mimicry skills make macaws some of the most iconic birds in the world. Read on to learn more about them! Read More

    Published 3/19/2020

  • Are Animals Altruistic?

    Across the animal kingdom, creatures of all kinds have been known to lend a hand—pincer, paw or fin—to those in need. Read More

    Published 2/21/2020

  • What’s Love Got to Do With it?

    Our world is filled with mating and courtship strategies—from the astounding to the bizarre, and everything in between. If you thought humans were the only animals that put a lot of effort into their relationships, think again. Read More

    Published 2/10/2020

  • Remembering Calypso

    We’re looking back at Calypso’s incredible life and reflecting on the many ways she impacted the lives of those who knew her best. Read More

    Published 2/7/2020

  • Unintentional Gardeners: Animals as Seed Dispersers

    The last Saturday in January is National Seed Swap Day, a time when gardeners exchange seeds in preparation for spring, but humans aren’t the only animals in the seed-swap game. From the Amazon river basin to the Australian bush, animals have been spreading seeds around their environments for millions of years. Read More

    Published 1/24/2020

  • No Hands? No Problem: Tool Use Among Aquatic Animals

    Aquatic animals are resourceful—just like humans, when they can’t solve a problem, they can look to the world around them ... and fashion tools!   Read More

    Published 1/8/2020

  • Looking Back at 2019: Rescue Recap

    In preparation for the upcoming year’s slate of patients, we’re reflecting on our rescue triumphs of 2019! Read More

    Published 12/20/2019

  • Looking Back at 2019: Baby Animal Recap

    This year saw a number of exciting new arrivals at the National Aquarium. As we anticipate the arrival of the new year and what’s to come in 2020, let’s take a look back at the adorable baby animals that joined us in 2019!  Read More

    Published 12/12/2019

  • The Bones on Blubber

    Sometimes used as a byword for “fat,” blubber is actually a unique, miracle tissue—with all sorts of fascinating properties.  Read More

    Published 12/4/2019

  • Restoring America’s Reef

    Six miles off the coast of Key West lies an ancient reef. Nearly 10,000 years old, the Florida Reef is one of the largest reefs on the planet. Now, aquarists at the National Aquarium are helping in the race to save it. Read More

    Published 11/27/2019

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