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Waterfront campus rendering

Waterfront Campus

A BLUEprint Priority Project

公和我做好爽Since 1981, the Inner Harbor has been our home, and the people of Baltimore have been our neighbors, our patrons and our inspiration. In tribute to our hometown, we are bringing the natural, living Chesapeake Bay back to the water's edge for all to enjoy. The reintroduction of native plants and animal species through floating wetlands will improve water quality while providing residents and visitors alike the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world in the heart of Baltimore City.


A Bright Future

Meet Symone

National Aquarium Education Program Coordinator Symone Johnson will coordinate an educational partnership that will allow all Baltimore City Public Schools seventh grade students to experiment with and learn from these new habitats right at the water's edge through our Waterfront Campus.

Bringing Back the Bay

The National Aquarium's Waterfront Campus on Baltimore's bustling Inner Harbor provides a remarkable opportunity—and awesome responsibility—to positively impact the water around us.

公和我做好爽Our Waterfront Campus will reintroduce celebrated Chesapeake Bay biodiversity into the Inner Harbor.

The installation of floating wetlands—made up of plants native to our coastal region—will bring the Chesapeake Bay within reach for visitors and students from our own community and around the world. The wetlands will create habitat for native species, while gradually improving the harbor's water quality.

Our commitment to conservation must begin with the world that surrounds us.

A Closer Look

In August 2017, the National Aquarium's new floating wetland prototype was installed in the slip between Piers 3 and 4 in the Inner Harbor.

Depiction of the Completed Floating Wetlands

公和我做好爽Our floating wetlands will bring the living, breathing Chesapeake Bay within reach for millions of visitors.

Conservation Team Working on Floating Wetland Prototype

Our Conservation team planted 1,441 plants on our floating wetland prototype, which was installed in August.

Floating Wetland Design

公和我做好爽The ingenious design and construction of our floating wetlands bring fascinating Bay wetland ecosystems to life.

*The prototype floating wetland is a collaborative effort between the National Aquarium, Studio Gang Architects and Ayer Saint Gross.

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