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Animal Care and Rescue Center

A BLUEprint Priority Project

公和我做好爽The time is right for our new Animal Care and Rescue Center in Baltimore's historic Jonestown neighborhood. From comprehensive animal care and rehabilitation for up to 5,000 animals, to the meticulous fabrication of intricate habitats and the production of 15,000 gallons of salt water monthly, the ACRC fosters continued excellence and increased efficiency.

The Animal Care and Rescue Center embodies our commitment to our city, its people and its future.


Rescued, Rehabilitated and Released

Meet Lily

公和我做好爽When a grey seal pup with bilateral fractures to her lower jaw appeared on a Delaware beach, National Aquarium Animal Rescue staff responded immediately. After long-term rehabilitation under the expert care of our staff, the seal pup—nicknamed Lily—made a full recovery and returned to her ocean home.

A Modern Facility to Foster Our Vision

The new Animal Care and Rescue Center more than doubles our capacity to care for off-exhibit and rescued animals. It also houses state-of-the-art equipment for critical water production and space for exhibit fabrication.

公和我做好爽This new facility is the beating heart of the National Aquarium, powering all that we do.

Guests can experience our animal welfare work as never before at the ACRC, where an enclosed overlook gallery allows them to witness the extensive work that takes place behind the scenes. Marine science and STEM opportunities can come to life for school groups through classroom activities and guided exploration.

By providing each animal with optimal care, we are truly living our mission to inspire and protect.

A Closer Look

Our new Animal Care and Center officially opened in May 2018, providing a permanent, world-class home for the care of the Aquarium's current and future off-exhibit animals and some of our rescue operations.

Animal Care and Rescue Center Sign and Mural

公和我做好爽The new ACRC is located just 0.7 miles from the National Aquarium's campus.

Animal Care and Rescue Center Classroom

Students can enjoy both classroom activities and guided exploration.

Animal Care and Rescue Center Tank with Duncan Swimming

State-of-the-art equipment offers individualized care for each animal, like Duncan.

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