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National Aquarium – Scarlet Ibis

Tropical Rainforest

Tropical birds fly, poison dart frogs hop, sloths hang and golden lion tamarin monkeys scamper among thousands of rain forest plants. This world-renowned rain forest exhibit features a diverse collection of plants and animals from rapidly disappearing habitats.

Animals in This Exhibit

  • Blue Poison-Dart Frog

    This colorful frog was not discovered by scientists until 1968.

    Blue Poison Dart Frog
  • Blue-Crowned Motmot

    This bird has back and tail colors of green, olive and blue. It has a wide black band through the eye.

    Blue-Crowned MotMot
  • Golden Lion Tamarin

    This tree-dwelling monkey has a small, rounded head surrounded by a thick, golden, lion-like mane.

    Golden lion tamarin
  • Linne’s Two-Toed Sloth

    公和我做好爽With two claws on the front feet and three on the back, Linne’s two-toed sloths are designed for an arboreal life. They move through the tree branches and even mate and give birth while hanging upside down.

    Two-toed sloth
  • Scarlet Ibis

    公和我做好爽The scarlet ibis is hard to miss! Adults are bright red or scarlet, with somewhat lighter shading on the head, neck and underparts.

    National Aquarium – Scarlet Ibis
  • Screaming Piha

    公和我做好爽The screaming piha is gray-brown in coloration. Its loud call, used by males to attract a mate, is one of the most recognized sounds in the Amazon.

    National Aquarium - Screaming Piha
  • South American Yellow-Footed Tortoise

    The Yellow-Footed Tortoise gets its name from the distinctive yellow or orange colored scales found on its limbs.

  • Sunbittern

    This slim, solitary bird has distinctive red eyes.

    National Aquarium – Sunbittern
  • Tarantula

    Some tarantula species live in the trees, while others live in holes in the ground.

    National Aquarium – Tarantula
  • Turquoise Tanager

    The turquoise tanager is a brightly colored bird with a strikingly blue face and breast and yellow or white underside.

    National Aquarium - Turquoise Tanager
  • White-Tailed Trogon

    White-tailed trogons are medium-sized, stout-bodied, perching birds with short necks, prominent eyes and large square-tipped tails.

    National Aquarium – White-tailed trogon
  • Yellow-Headed Amazon

    公和我做好爽This predominantly green parrot has a yellow head and a red patch, or speculum, on each wing.

    National Aquarium – Yellow-headed Amazon

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