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Open Ocean

Shark Alley

Sharks of varying sizes and species slowly encircle visitors inside this 225,000-gallon, ring-shaped exhibit. Come nose to nose with several species of sharks and learn to identify the many characteristics of these toothy predators of the deep.

Animals in This Exhibit

  • Largetooth Sawfish

    The largetooth sawfish’s most prominent feature is its rostrum, also referred to as snout or saw, which has 14 to 23 large rostral teeth protruding from it, and comprises almost a quarter of the total length of the sawfish.

  • Nurse Shark

    Nurse sharks spend most of their time resting on the bottom of the ocean.

    Nurse Shark
  • Roughtail Stingray

    公和我做好爽Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of this stingray is its long, whip-like tail, which may be 2.5 times as long as the body.

    National Aquarium - Roughtail Stingray
  • Sand Tiger Shark

    Visitors react strongly to this shark! Large in size and with a mouthful of protruding spike-like teeth, this shark, like the great white shark, is the image that most people picture when they think of sharks.

    National Aquarium – Sand Tiger Shark
  • Sandbar Shark

    This species gets its common name from the sandy and muddy flats, bays and estuaries in which it's commonly found.

    Sandbar Shark

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