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Thoughtful Choices


Thoughtful Choices

At the Aquarium, we are committed to conservation. It is in everything we do. But this is no small task. As we care for thousands of animals, repair aging buildings, provide for millions of visitors and engage hundreds of staff, we must use our resources wisely.

Our responsibility is not easy: Continually improve our environmental impact. Become a role model for resource conservation. Inspire others to follow our lead and take action at home. It is reflected in each decision we make and is most evident in our efforts to:

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48 Days of Blue: Support Local Farms

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a local farm here in Baltimore, One Straw Farms. Every year, One Straw feeds thousands through their community-supported agriculture program!

48 Days of Blue: Lionfish are Delicious

公和我做好爽Making a meal of invasive species is a great way to combat them. The lionfish, for example, is a venomous species native to the Indo-Pacific that was introduced to U.S. waters. Here, it has few natural predators and devours nearly everything in its path.

Green Commitment